About us

The AnyWine is your favorite online shop for international wines and liquors of any brand.
Either if you need to buy a customized wine stock for your 2 weeks charter in the Med or to keep building your own wine collection, AnyWine is the perfect place where to meet your likes in terms of variety, quality, time and price.

AnyWine offers a wide range of wines scrupulously selected, from the most trusted labels to the less titled ones but still of a great value and taste. Beside an impressive collection of national wines we have been specialized since ever in the research and selection of wines from all countries of the world and in particular from France, Spain, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, California, South-Africa as well as any other country around the globe where the top quality vineyards and most popular wine-makers are located.
In fact, thanks to the continuous interest in the innovation proposed by the modern wine-making experts of these regions all people who loves good wine always finds satisfaction in tasting the local products.

In our big selection of finest drink you can also find from the most prestigious and rarest labels of Whisky, Cognac and Armagnac to the most persuasive and attractive Rum, Calvados and Porto without leaving all other top-quality Italian and foreign distillates.

Our clients are always welcome to visit the big wine cellar located on the north-west coast of Italy. In this room they will be able to quietly taste and choose their favorite wines from our huge stock up to 80.000 bottles among which we can mention Cristal Champagne, Margaux, Latour, DRC, Sassicaia, Tignanello, Ornellaia all smartly and accurately arranged on fascinating wooden shelves.

Whether you want to buy wines as a gift or you want to buy wines for yourself, AnyWine always has the right product for you. Unlike most other companies, AnyWine allows his customers to purchase any number of bottles. However, we have made the decision to offer a massive range of new wines that will be available to order by the case, either 6 or 12 bottles depending on the original case size.

Our wines are broken down into convenient categories including regions. Peruse our categories listed on the right side of this page. We include wine reviews from magazines like the Wine Spectator and also our own AnyWine ratings and recommendations.

We keep a keen eye out for the latest wines available or to be released in the future so we can add them to our selection making them available for you to enjoy. Any wines that are as yet not on the market but have a known release date will be listed here giving you the option to pre-order them.

So let’s start to browse our products and find the right one for you: AnyWine .. anywhere!